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Now you can bring the rustic warmth and beauty of naturally aged barnwood into any room in your home. Choose from hundreds of style and size combinations in our extensive collection of 100% reclaimed American barnwood picture frame products. 




Shop our selection of reclaimed window pane mirrors. You can even select the best rustic finish color to match your homes decor. Select from wide multi-pane mirrors for over the mantel, or tall mirrors to expand the look and feel of any room. With rustic wall mirrors you can have authentic window hardware installed at no extra cost.

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We know that photos and canvas prints come in all kinds of different sizes. That's why we offer 29 different standard sizes for most of our barnwood picture frames. Whether you're looking for smaller frames like the 4x6 or 5x7 frames or the always popular 8x10 frame, we have every style covered. Where we really shine is with our larger 16x24 frames all the way up to 24x36 frames that measure almost 4 feet wide in our Cheyenne collection. That happens to be our massive 6.5 inch wide multi piece frame collection.

If you happen to be looking for one we don't list then be sure and check out our custom picture frame size page where we'll quote you any frame style in any size. Why not shop by size right now?


If you are looking for the perfect way to bring several related photos or canvas prints together, then you should check out our collection of collage picture frames. From sharing a family vacation to celebrating a special wedding or baby shower, family collage surrounds are a perfect option.

You can have barnwood picture frame sets created with any number of different frame sizes in combination and finished to perfectly match your rooms decor.

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Our team at Only Barnwood Picture Frames specializes in carefully treating and restoring old wood to create each one of our products. Every piece is the result of highly detailed, expert craftsmen that care about the quality of their workmanship and the ultimate enjoyment of the final product by our customers.

We also have an awareness of the importance of using reclaimed wood rather than sourcing new materials to make our products. Our team wants to be a good steward of the environment, while creating unique products that customers can be proud to own.

We've been helping people for four decades now in our small river town brick-n-mortar business. During all those years we learned that the key to success is great customer service. Learn more about us. So if you ever have a question about a product we offer or an order you placed, just give us a call at 1-800-217-1531 during normal business hours. If you have a question after hours just drop us a note. We welcome your feedback and would love to here from you.

Barnwood Picture Frames On Sale

Kennebunkport 16x24 frame antique finish wood frame

Kennebunkport 16×24 Frame

$82.00 $71.95

$82.00 $71.95Select options

18x18 painted 4 pane barnwood window mirror
3 inch wide barnwood frame
2 inch basic barnwood frame
4 hook wall mounted barnwood key rack
Beachcomber shaby chic barnwood slat picture frame
3 inch wide carson city stained barnwood frame
Texas Barbwire barnwood frame features rustic barbwire accents
16x24 barnwood frame Rustic Cheyenne 16x24 Frame

Cheyenne Rustic Barnwood 16×24 Frame

$175.00 $122.95

$175.00 $122.95Add to cart

Handcrafted Western Laredo 16 x 20 Barnwood Frame with real barbwire accents
Narrow 1.5 inch rustic natural barnwood frame

Barnwood Frames: A Modern Rustic Home Décor Option

Barnwood Picture Frames are an extremely popular photo framing material. Natural barn wood has a weathered patina finish to help create a natural color scheme. This material works well with many different décor styles. With the choice of many color finish options these frames work with everything from primitive décor to modern formal styles. We specialize in rustic barnwood products and offer nearly 30 standard sizes in each of our frame styles. You’ll quickly discover that we are here to offer your most complete selection and great everyday discounted pricing.

Our Wellworn color finish optionsThe term Barnwood refers to a variety of reclaimed wood materials that feature a naturally patinaed surface. Our frames are a combination of “authentic barnwood” which has been reclaimed from old barns and ranch buildings and “reclaimed rustic wood” which has been removed from old homes and other types of buildings that have been torn down. Since our wood is sourced from many different buildings it will vary in color tone from light sun-bleached tans to dark browns and barn reds. It is common to find old nail holes and a few rough weathered edges since these are the charactor of authentic weathered wood. Common barnwood is a grayish color formed by the natural patina process, but you might find pieces with different color tones streaked through the board. These are some of the most valuable pieces because they are hard to reproduce.

All our barnwood picture frames are crafted by hand, one at a time. For this reason, your frame will be made-to-order. This is an added value for you since we take the time to hand select all the required pieces in order to get you a well-matched frame. Who knows, if you select something like our Cheyenne frame series, your new frame might include over 20 different pieces of wood. These are heirloom quality frames suited for everything from gallery-quality paintings and prints to displaying favorite family photos. Are you looking for something to frame a classic black and white landscape or maybe a vintage sign, barnwood can be the perfect choice for any décor? Have you ever considered decorating with a seasonal themed display like 3-D art work or rustic heirlooms, multi-piece barnwood surrounds are perfect for these displays?

Why Buy Barnwood Frames

Natural wood tones have been in style for a hundred years and they will never go out of style.

These are “Green Products” all produced from reclaimed wood material. So, they are an Eco-Friendly décor medium.

Since most barnwood naturally appears in a neutral color tone, it is the perfect material to handcraft a unique frame. If you choose a basic barn wood frame, you’ll have options like adding your own stain, or whitewash color, or maybe piece of decorative rope, vine, or ribbon. This way you can create your own unique frame. If you prefer, we offer frames with several color and distressing options and even rusty barbwire at no extra charge.

Are you looking for a way to display several photos, maybe even different sizes? We can help you with collage picture frames or help you group multiple frames in your choice of matching or contrasting barnwood finish options.

Narrow Barnwood Frames

Our top-selling rustic wood frames are our basic flat frames available in your choice of 1.5” – 2” – 3” wide. All these frames are available in 29 different standard sizes and we’ll be happy to custom finish your frames in your choice of color at no extra charge. We also offer custom picture frame sizes if you need something that falls between standard size frames.

Unique Rustic Picture Frames

Rustic Cheyenne barnwood picture framesWe are especially proud of our Cheyenne collection. This massive frame measures 6.5” wide and is built from many matching pieces of natural finish barnwood. Imaging this classic frame for a favorite piece of art or a family portrait over the fireplace.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, look no further than our Texas Barbwire frame. It comes complete with dark wood stain accent strip and rustic double-barb barbwire on all four sides. This frame is perfect for creating a matted look without the use of a matting material.

Not sure which frame is right for you? Or maybe you want to create a collection of frames for a wall collage arrangement. Be sure and check out our handy My Wish List page, where you can save your favorites and even share them with family and friends on social media channels.

Standard Frame Sizes

We want to be your one stop choice for weathered rustic frames, so we offer 29 different standard sizes. This means that no matter if you’re looking for a smaller frame like 4x4, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, 6x8, 8x8, or 8x10 frame size or a larger 11x14, 11x17, 16x24 frame, you are going to find it here. We go all the way up to poster frame sizes like 24x36 picture frames to cover anything you are looking for. If none of our standard picture frame sizes will fit your project, then we are happy to create custom sizes by request.

Barnwood Window Mirrors

In addition to our collection of rustic picture frames you can also find a complete selection of reclaimed barn wood window mirrors and window frame picture frames. Shop from 20x30 frames that hold up to 15 photos or place a decorative rustic mirror above your mantel to create an expanded feel to any size room. We invite you to hang around awhile and check out all our frame style options and our rustic mirrors, shadow boxes, wall hooks, and even rustic barnwood USA maps and 3x5 flags. No matter whether you are decorating for a rustic cowboy theme or cozy cabin or lake lodge, we know you will find the perfect forever from at a very affordable price here today.



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