Collage Picture Frames You Will Love

Collage Picture Frames

Collage picture frames are a great way to display several related photos together. Because the surround collection is usually finished in a common color you will have the ability to use the collage photo frames as a decorating tool and a way to display favorite pictures.

Collage picture frames you will love.

Share life’s most magical cherished moments. From vacations to graduations, from a baby shower to a special wedding day, put your most precious prints on display in multi-photo surrounds. Keep in mind that collage frames make great Grandma Gifts and Mother’s Day gifts. Why not give an assortment of cherished family photos as a special keepsake gift?

Many people will use large collage photo frames like a rustic window pane arrangement to show as many as 16 photos at once. Imagine decorating a wall with a rustic barnwood window pane that holds a collection of cherished family photos. Better yet, image that this window frame set can be finished in almost any color to match your rooms décor.

This is where the idea of using wall collage picture frames can be adapted to display anything from graduation photos to wedding or anniversary image collections. Imagine a 5-image frame set that features an 8×10 center frame with a 5×7 surround mounted on all four sides. That way you can bring together a collection of 5 different images, one large, 2 placed horizontally and 2 placed vertically together in your choice of finish options.

If a family grouped photo collection is what you’re looking for then consider 4×6 or 5×7 group picture frames in groups of 3, 4, or even 5 photos together. You could have a 2” wide 3 photo collage frame set made in 5×7 frame size and then have an 11×17 frame created with a main family portrait. These could all be finished in a same matching color. Another great example of where you can use large wall grouped picture frames is by placing a 5-photo horizontal set over a sofa or placing a vertical collage set next to an outer wall corner to define a space.

When it comes to rustic frames, there really is no limit to the ideas one can come up with. Since these frames can be created to feature almost any image size you can have made, and they also can be finished in one of over twenty different wellworn stain colors, you’re sure to find the perfect collage picture surrounds online. With great wellworn color choices like Poppy & White, Turquoise, Navy & Ocean, Sage, Barn Red, and Elephant Gray, you’re sure to find the exact right color for your next decorating project. You can also match any of these frame sets up with matching single frames in 29 popular standard picture frame sizes.

There are several window frame photo sets designed to hold from 9 4×6 images up to 20 different 5×7 photos at once and you can also find all of these options in your choice of frame finish color. If a multi-frame option is what your looking for but you don’t really want a window frame style, then check out the panel frame collection where you will find frames that can hold up to 9 different 4×6 photos at once.

One last popular option if standard collage picture frames is not your thing would be to take a look at picture board options where you’ll be able to display current photos and move them around or replace them at will. These generally hold a selection of 4×6 or 5×7 photos either vertically or horizontally and like most other frames come in your choice of finish color.

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