Rustic Barnwood Conestoga Collage For 3 Mixed 4 x 6 Photos

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Conestoga wagons were arranged in a row just like our rustic barnwood frame collection. This multi-photo frame set is designed to share your favorite images together. The 3 mixed mounted frames are made of 1.5” wide barnwood and connected to a 1.5” tall rustic barnwood header with rusty hardware accents. Designed for either 1 vertical 4 X 6 and 2 horizontal 4 X 6’s OR 1 horizontal 4 X 6 and 2 vertical 4 X 6’s.

When ordering, leave us a note telling us 1 vertical 2 horizontal or 1 horizontal 2 vertical.

Check out the Wellworn Color Options HERE

If you don’t have a vertically oriented 4 X 6 available, crop one of your horizontal 4 X 6s to make it vertical or print it out as an 8 X 10 and cut out a vertical 4 X 6 out of the 8 X 10.

This photo collage measures 25” wide by 11” tall and is available in many custom rustic paint finish options at no extra charge.

Weight: 6.0 lbs

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Wellworn Color Choice

Barnwood Gray, Barn Red, Black, Brown, Elephant Gray, Ivory, Navy, Ocean, Poppy, Sage, Sky, Turquise, White, Yellow, Black & Turquise, Brown & Black, Navy & Ocean, Pine &White, Poppy & Ocean, Sage & White, Sky & White, Turquise & White, Yellow & Gray, Yellow & White


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