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Thin Blue Line Wooden American Flag 3X5 - Picture Frame - Shop - Rustic

Thin Blue Line Wooden American Flag 3X5

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At OBF we take pride in our artisan hand made and hand finished barnwood products and we hope that’s why you’re here. Every barnwood and country rustic product is crafted with you the buyer in mind. We make them with heirloom quality craftsmanship so you can be proud to display it for years to come.

That’s why we offer you so many size, finish, and display options, so once you receive your new product, there’s nothing to do but add your display material and our provided mounting hardware and you’re ready to display your new decorative barnwood masterpiece.

Have you been looking for a unique gift for a loved police officer? Look no further than our 3x5 Thin Blue Line Wooden American Flag.

This Thin Blue Line Wooden American Flag is rustic, it is wood, and it is awesome. Symbolizing police officers’ unique commitment to protect and serve their community. This beautiful handcrafted barnwood thin blue line flag is a faithfully rendered 3′ X 5′ flag with a 3/4″ natural barn wood border.

Comes in 2 pieces to save money on shipping. Goes together on the wall. Installation is easy…just mark your studs, prop the panel against the wall, and screw 3-4 screws through each section of the wooden american flag straight into the wall studs with 3″ screws (included).

Outside dimensions: approximately perfect! (37.5″ X 61.5″ X 1.25″).

Ships in 4-6 business days!

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